Who Are www.CUSTOMPC.ie

Specialist Gaming Desktop PCs Built to your exact design by Irelands PC Builders www.CUSTOMPC.ie

Specialist Gaming Desktop PCs Built to your exact design by Irelands PC Builders http://www.CUSTOMPC.ie

http://www.CUSTOMPC.ie began as an idea in 2009 between two technical services engineers from Alienware™. Their beloved Alienware™ had been assimilated by Dell™ and they wanted to carry on the traditions and ideals which had made Alienware™ the Best Gaming PC Manufacturer in the World . Their vision was to build high end desktop gaming and professional PCs using the best quality components . In their words ” Quality & Performance Without Compromise” . Their concerns as to the demise of the Alienware™ brand & traditions has come to fruition however the traditions & ideals live on at http://www.CUSTOMPC.ie™ .

Each PC is built on an individual workstation ( No Production Line Here !! ) by one technician from beginning to end . Every stage is overseen by the same technician who is both an enthusiast and a qualified technical services engineer. This means that the Custom Built PC is the reasponsibility of one person and not a drone on a production line who does not know anything about the finished product . Our technicians are not only highly skilled at their jobs they are also enthusiasts which means our systems are built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts .

Every PC goes through Multiple Stages Including a 72 Hour Burn in & Performance Evalution Period with PassMark prior to final shipment.
We do everything in our power to avoid any issues when you receive your New Custom PC and therefore all PCs must pass this multi point testing procedure.

“You Imagine , We Build & Design” which is another saying of our principal founders which also carries on the traditions of Alienware™ pre Dell™ assimilation. We offer 1000’s of individual options and upgrades across our entire ranges of custom desktop and laptop PCs from memory , CPU , HDD , SDDs to Cases and Power Supplies.

All of our Systems come Pre Assembled and when you choose and operating system the PC will be Installed with all the latest drivers & AntiVirus Software.
This means when you receive the PC all you have to do is take it our of the box and plug it in . There is no bloatware on oue PCs as we firmly believe this software hinders the performance of the PC.

Another Ideal is that we offer the latest models and versions of components and software and we can do this because our systems are not built on a production line where a small change to a specification can take months . Here is days hours and if you need to make any upgrades which are not listed on the drop down menus of our configurators please email sales@custompc.ie and we will do our best to obligise.

Every component is carefully chosen by http://www.CUSTOMPC.ie and we use on the best and most reliable components from the leading manufacturers.

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